Advocacy and Capacity Officer.

By | November 30, 2022
Job TitleAdvocacy and Capacity OfficerReporting intoCSSP Manager
Department/TeamCSSPManages othersNo
Occupational Level Job Grade 
Monitoring, evaluation and reporting on civil society advocacy.
Key Performance Areas
Civil society coordination & collaboration·        Develop advocacy framework for sector coordination and collaboration·        Support the consultative conferences, working groups, networks and sectors·        Convene sector learning and building forums for selected sectors as case studies.·        Identify common Civil Society Policy positions to create a platform for advocacy and lobbying.·        Facilitate partnership with Programme Pillars to popularise KT work in civil society·        Identify & Monitor NPO Capacity Building Needs·        Implement and evaluate NPO Capacity Building Framework·        Develop and maintain a national NPO capacity building schedule, calendar and database 
Partnership & stakeholder management·        To identify and manage relevant partnership within the operationalisation of advocacy activities·        To manage and monitor key stakeholder engagements in relation to civil society programme delivery and effectiveness·        Maintain relationships with regulatory and compliance institutions for capacity building
Reporting·        Prepare project weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports on Civil Society Advocacy Programmes·        Assist with ad hoc tasks as and when required
Formal Qualification/DegreeEssentialDesirable
Degree in a relevant area of study 
Honours Degree 
Work Experience (What kind of experience is needed in order to do this job?)EssentialDesirable
Minimum of 5 years’ experience in programme delivery with a focus on civil society capacity development 
Knowledge of campaigns, networking and collaboration 
Strong knowledge of the NGO sector 
Expertise in partnership and collaboration within NGO sector 
Have deep sense of integrity towards work and organisation 
Experience of project and programme conceptualisation and design 
Experience in social media activism, tools and on-line advocacy 
Job Related Knowledge (knowledge of systems, processes, regulations or law)EssentialDesirable
Knowledge of NPO/NGO capacity development 
Experience in NGO leadership in advocacy, research, policy and partnership coordination 
Experience of project and programme conceptualisation and design  
Experience in implementing and working on complex programmes   
Experience and expertise in financial management and compliance 
Strong expertise in programme M&E  
Job Related SkillsEssentialDesirable
Communication skills (Verbal and Written) 
Computer skills (MS Office) 
Implementation of advocacy programmes  
Strong coordination & partnership skills 
Programme & project M&E 
Analytical skills 
Team Player 
Detail Orientated 
Planned and Organised 


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